Mateja in Coaching with Lia Bordon

How Mateja transformed her perspective on career and family

Every morning, Mateja began her workday with a coffee at her favorite café, watching passersby and reflecting on her life. She held the position of director in a successful company, was a wife, and a mother of two. Few could rival her accomplishments, but she constantly felt the pressure to excel in every role she undertook. More and more, she felt overwhelmed by ambitions, responsibilities, and expectations. While her career soared, it also demanded long hours at the office, frequent travel, and reduced personal time. Her children were growing up, often unnoticed by her, and her husband missed her presence. Guilt consumed her when she thought of her family, and her professional aspirations weighed heavily on her mind. Torn between these two worlds, she grappled with finding equilibrium.

The First Steps to Change

During her initial coaching session, Mateja recognized that she couldn’t solve her dilemmas by treating her personal life, family, and career as distinct compartments. She needed to embrace a more holistic view of life. Through the Integral IAC approach, she delved deep into her challenges, fears, values, and aspirations. She realized that her primary concern wasn’t the sheer number of responsibilities but her perception and handling of them.

Discovering Balance

Using a comprehensive integral method, Mateja began to understand her challenges from a wider lens. She discerned a way to harmonize her professional pursuits with personal moments, ensuring quality time with her family. Instead of being consumed by an ever-growing to-do list, she shifted her focus to activities that truly resonated with her.

New Strategies for Old Challenges

Employing the IAC approach, Mateja uncovered alternative solutions that had previously been out of her reach. She devised new strategies to manage work-related stress and to address the lingering guilt of not allocating ample time for herself, her spouse, and her children. She started delegating tasks at work, prioritized relaxation, and emphasized quality family time. She recognized that achieving balance meant zeroing in on what genuinely mattered.

A Fresh Start

Today, Mateja’s life has taken a new direction. Her career thrives even more, with heightened productivity and creativity stemming from her enhanced well-being. But what Mateja cherishes most is the time she dedicates to herself and her family. The conflict between her professional life, personal space, and family has dissipated; she’s discovered the equilibrium she yearned for.


Mateja’s transformative journey serves as a beacon for all of us navigating the complexities of contemporary life. It stands as a testament and a source of motivation that with the right strategies and support, one can find serenity amidst the myriad roles and anticipations in our pursuit of authenticity. The drive to evolve must be potent, accompanied by a readiness to adopt necessary measures for distinct outcomes. The inaugural step is acknowledging the need for assistance when challenges seem insurmountable.

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