Lia in the Media

To my surprise, my story went viral. It was picked up by all major Slovenian media outlets in the form of articles, features and interviews. The media releases below are listed in chronological order.

Lia Bordon Radio Koper

Radio Koper – She didn’t choose her transgender identity; she was born with it

Lia Bordon, recently distinguished with the Golden Tiffany, an accolade for the Personality of the Year awarded by the Slovenian LGBT community, spent the initial ...

Podcast with Nina Gaspari – Love Conquers All Or How Love Strengthens Through Transition – Lia And Sara Bordon

In episode 162 of the podcast, I host two inspiring guests – Lia and Sara Bordon. You met Lia in episode 160 and the bonus ...

Dobro Jutro – Gender Transition

People who feel that they do not identify with the gender assigned to them at birth exist and have existed throughout history and in all ...
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