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Lana U.

Embarking on a new life path
The standout aspect of our interaction was the freedom to express myself without any inhibitions, knowing Lia was truly listening without passing any judgment. She has an exceptional knack for gently steering the conversation toward achieving the intended goal, often without me even realizing it. It was liberating to communicate so openly, with Lia subtly and kindly guiding me forward, never backward. What I found most beneficial was the implementation of a clear timeline. It provided a roadmap for when and why I would undertake certain tasks, all designed to make my future path smoother. It was her unwavering belief in me and the sense of hope that she instilled that truly resonated. At times, it's easier to share burdens with a stranger, especially one who is not only a professional but also retains a human touch.

Tanja S.

My encounter with Lia brought clarity to my life's circumstances in a profound way. Astonishingly, after only a few minutes, I found myself being more candid than ever before. For the first time in my life, I openly discussed a subject that has weighed heavily on my heart since childhood, and it was an immense relief to express myself without inhibition. Throughout our conversation, Lia guided me to view my experiences from an external perspective. The commitment I made to myself to set things right felt even more powerful when I voiced it aloud to Lia, rather than just internally as usual. Thank you, Lia!

Ashley Chain

Transgender woman
Thank you so much for the valuable experience! I was quite nervous before our coaching session, but just talking to you helped to calm me down. My only regret is that I wasn't able to fully explain all of my reasons for transitioning during our conversation. Nonetheless, our discussion gave me a lot to think about, especially in terms of how to disclose my transition to my family, close friends, and colleagues at work. Additionally, I appreciated your advice on voice training, which I've been doing on my own from time to time when I have the chance to be alone at home.

Lori V.

Sales and customer support
I first met Lia on social media and subsequently heard her on various podcasts. Although I had never tried coaching before, I have extensive experience in psychotherapy and other forms of counseling. However, I began to feel as though I was trapped in a cycle of revisiting past traumas and dealing with emotional baggage. I yearned to shed this weight and burdensome baggage so that I could live my life freely and easily. What I found most appealing about Lia's coaching was that I never felt judged or inferior in any way. There was no hint of pity or self-pity, which I am often prone to indulging in. Our conversation was relaxed and unhurried, free from sugarcoated positivity. Coaching has proven to be a valuable tool for me, especially during times when it feels like I have hit a dead end. Lia's approach is focused on the present, action, and empowerment. She doesn't offer consolation or justification but instead encourages me to recognize my inner strength and potential. We already possess all the power, ideas, and direction that we need. Sometimes, however, it seems as though we are stuck in a rut.

Spela Bogataj

Why do I recommend trying coaching with you, Lia? Because you are 100% genuine, warm and caring and you make me feel really comfortable and at ease. Because you possess a wealth of knowledge and skills that can guide me and open my mind to possibilities I had never considered before. Because you know how to push me when I need it and guide me so that I can actually do it. Because your approach is perfectly professional and yet I feel like I'm chatting over coffee with my best friend. Thank you for being you.

Nina Gaspari

Content creator
My first coaching session with Lia couldn't have come at a better time - just when I felt like I was losing touch with myself and trying to figure out how to manage my work life and my personal life for the future. Through some carefully crafted questions, Lia helped me realise that I had all the answers I needed to make important decisions. Together, we set up a system that will allow me to tackle the challenges ahead of me one by one, and for the first time in a very long while, I'm feeling empowered and at peace with my inner self.

Mateja Logar

Prior to my first coaching session, I was asked to think about what goal I wanted to achieve through coaching. All right, that shouldn't be too hard, or so I thought It actually took me much longer than I expected. I had no prior experience with coaching and had no idea what to expect. The fact that I am rather introverted by nature didn't make it any easier. But during the session itself, I was quickly able to loosen up after answering a few insightful, purposeful questions. I let my words flow freely, as Lia expertly guided me from one point to the next until I figured out how to reach my goal. She has a soothing energy that helps create a space where I can feel safe and heard. She made it easy for me to look inside myself and find the tools I needed to accomplish my goal. She also encouraged me to write down my goal. And I did - in big, bold letters - so that I would never lose sight of it. In the days after my coaching session, I kept thinking about my goal until I finally made it happen. I was so proud of myself. I did it, and all I had to do was to take action and work towards it. Just thinking about it was obviously not enough. I had to spell it out loud so that I could hear it and picture it clearly. And that's precisely what inspires me the most when it comes to coaching - it's about taking an active approach to achieving a goal.

Alma Dindic

Banking assistant
I don't know about you, but I've always loved working on myself. I've never shied away from seeking input from others, because they have always helped me see myself and my challenges from a different perspective. And that's exactly why I decided to start my coaching journey with Lia Bordon. Not only did the coaching provide me with a well-structured and clear roadmap to my goal, but it also helped me realise why I haven't been able to achieve it with my current approach, and how to get there in a more efficient and systematic way. I highly recommend that you try it. What's also great is that the first coaching session is free. Lia, thank you so much for a wonderful experience.

Mateja Zvizej

Coaching with Lia is an incredibly liberating experience. She helped me face my fears, doubts, and concerns. About anything. But the best part of coaching is that it empowered me to finally take a step forward. First in my mind, then through action in my everyday life. If we love ourselves, we will treat ourselves with coaching. And if we love others, we will refer them to a professional coach like Lia, to improve life for us and our loved ones.

Rok Z.

Project manager
My coaching sessions with Lia have been such an interesting experience. Discussing my situation with her has helped me see things more clearly and set a path towards achieving my goal. She really strives to have the best possible understanding of the issues and is quick to identify potential solutions. I highly recommend her!

Dean P.

Dear Lia, thank you our talk earlier today. Now that I've had a couple of hours to think about it, I can really see that you have accomplished the impossible. Through your sympathetic and considerate approach, you made me look very deep inside myself and allowed me to open up a tiny hidden energy reserve that I didn't even know I had. Now, I have a plan written down, but I realise that change does not happen overnight and that there are still some hurdles to jump. You have most definitely played a key role in my resolve to take more decisive steps, and as soon as we finished talking, I took the first one. You have talent and you are a master of your craft. You always choose the right words, you have a pleasant voice and, above all, you know how to listen, which is something of an art nowadays. So, once again, you have my deepest thanks.
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