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Lia Bordon Coaching Q&A

1. What is Integral Authentic Coaching (IAC) and how does it differ from traditional coaching approaches?
Integral Authentic Coaching (IAC) is a holistic approach that goes beyond addressing superficial symptoms to encompass the entire human experience. While traditional coaching often addresses distinct aspects of life, such as career, relationships, or personal development, IAC views all life aspects comprehensively. This method not only addresses current challenges but also promotes a profound understanding of oneself and one’s position in the world.


2. Why is an integral approach to coaching important?
In our rapidly evolving world, we frequently find ourselves juggling various roles, expectations, and pressures. IAC understands that all areas of life are intertwined and that genuine change necessitates work on every level – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. IAC doesn’t merely alleviate individual symptoms; it tackles challenges in a manner that enables holistic, meaningful, and enduring transformations.


3. How can IAC support my personal and professional growth?
IAC offers more than just tools and strategies to address immediate challenges; it guides you towards profound self-awareness and a holistic grasp of your experiences. While achieving goals with IAC, you also cultivate knowledge and abilities that will serve you throughout your life, irrespective of the challenges you encounter.


4. Is IAC suitable only for certain individuals or for addressing specific challenges?
Although IAC is particularly advantageous for those undergoing significant challenges or transitions, its true power resides in its universal applicability. Whether you’re a parent, single or in a relationship, a leader, entrepreneur, artist, or an everyday employee, IAC can guide you towards a more genuine, purposeful, and satisfying life.


5. How does IAC differ from psychotherapy?
While psychotherapy primarily addresses mental health concerns and traumas, IAC examines the human experience from a wider lens. Rather than just “repairing” what’s “broken,” IAC inspires you to delve into your core values, passions, and potentials to lead a life in harmony with your true self.


6. Why should I opt for IAC over other methods?
IAC doesn’t solely tackle present-day challenges; it fosters the growth of enduring inner resilience, self-assurance, and purpose. Through the integral approach, you’ll not only meet your objectives but also gain a richer comprehension of yourself, your relationships, and your role in the world.


7. What are the primary advantages of IAC for women?
Women often grapple with distinct challenges arising from a blend of personal and professional aspirations, family duties, societal norms, and stereotypes. IAC equips you with the knowledge, tools, and strategies that not only address these challenges but also empower you to lead a life in line with your core values and aspirations. IAC is more than just an aprroach; it’s a lifestyle that acknowledges and celebrates the entirety of your journey. If you’re poised for deeper knowledge and transformations, IAC is the ideal choice for you.

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