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authenticity coach for women / psychotherapist / lecturer

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Coaching Lia Bordon

Integral Authentic Coaching®

Coaching Lia Bordon

Transform the present theme, live the life you dream
The term Intagral Authentic Coaching® (IAC) denotes a co-creative relationship between a client and a coach, the purpose of which is to empower the client to achieve significant life changes. Coaching is not synonymous with psychotherapy, nor is it counselling. Whereas psychotherapy is focused on creating awareness and addressing the causes of past problems, and counselling is about offering practical guidance on how to take action, IAC is about enabling the client to find their own inner sources of strength in the present to achieve their goals, aspirations and authentic self in the future. The beauty of IAC lies in the synergy of a shared commitment to all aspects of life, to a vision and the actions that can move us forward in a dynamic manner. No other approach is as effective because a coach has only one goal in mind – to support the client in achieving their objective. 

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Tanja S.

My encounter with Lia brought clarity to my life's circumstances in a profound way. Astonishingly, after only a few minutes, I found myself being more candid than ever before. For the first time in my life, I openly discussed a subject...

Spela Bogataj

Why do I recommend trying coaching with you, Lia? Because you are 100% genuine, warm and caring and you make me feel really comfortable and at ease. Because you possess a wealth of knowledge and skills...

Nina Gaspari

Content creator
My first coaching session with Lia couldn't have come at a better time - just when I felt like I was losing touch with myself and trying to figure out how to manage my work life and my personal life for the future...
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