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The term Intagral Authentic Coaching® (IAC) denotes a co-creative relationship between a client and a coach, the purpose of which is to empower the client to achieve significant life changes. Coaching is not synonymous with psychotherapy, nor is it counselling. Whereas psychotherapy is focused on creating awareness and addressing the causes of past problems, and counselling is about offering practical guidance on how to take action, IAC is about enabling the client to find their own inner sources of strength in the present to achieve their goals, aspirations and authentic self in the future. In the IAC process both coach and client apply all their available knowledge, resources, skills, abilities and intuition to address the client’s challenges. 

IAC is a support structure that provides the client with: 
• a reliable coaching partner
• a safe space for meaningful dialogue
• a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of human experience
• new perspectives and expanded possibilities 
• potential solutions and the next concrete step
• inspiration and motivation
• lasting positive changes in personality development, expression, and action.

IAC can encourage major mindset shifts that can speed up the process of moving towards your authentic self. It is not a necessity, but rather an investment. The beauty of IAC lies in the synergy of a shared commitment to all aspects of life, to a vision and the actions that can move us forward in a dynamic manner. No other approach is as effective because a coach has only one goal in mind – to support the client in achieving their objective. You can read about the experience with Integral Authentic coaching in the testimonials here.

Where are my focus areas in IAC?

I empower doubtful women to assert themselves with confidence.

In particular, I focus on: 
• confronting social stigma / traditional roles and beliefs
• career changes or starting a new career path 
• career progression 
• effectively navigating and responding to sudden changes 
• opening a new chapter in life 
• striking a balance between work and personal life 
• reshaping dysfunctional relationships 
• building productive relationships and partnerships 
• developing resilience / strength / self-confidence / groundedness 
• operating from a place of honesty with yourself and others 
• overcoming fears while creating an authentic life on your own terms. 

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Give Integral Authentic Coaching a try  
Not quite sure if IAC can help you? Give it a try! I believe that a sample coaching session will help you to get a better idea of what it would be like to overcome your challenges and pursue your goals with a systematic approach provided by professional coaching. The sample session is completely free of charge. All you need is a specific focus and a goal you want to reach. You have nothing to lose, and there is a chance that even just a sample IAC session can make a real difference in your life. And I would be thrilled if it did! 

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